Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

On the off chance that the Mayans are correct and this will be the last year of all our lives, we better make it a good one eh?

I don't make resolutions.  I have in the past, and of course I've never completed them.  Run more, exercise at least 3 times a week, lose 10 pounds.  How generic am I?  But I guess if the world is ending I should make resolutions that are important and personal.  So here are my resolutions (not in order of importance).
1.  Weight:  There's no extra weight to lose until this second baby comes fact I'll be gaining about 25 pounds soon.  But after that!  Wear the belly bandit for the recommended 8 weeks.  Continuously.  Wean self off of Ben and Jerry's diet.

2.  Hair:  Goodbye to 2 foot locks.  I'll be cutting off at least 8 inches and donating it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths program.  When I mention that I'm thinking of chopping my hair to donate the first response is usually, "Lock of Love!"  However, when I looked up that program I didn't agree with some of its fundamentals, and found the Beautiful Lengths program, which I agree with more.  It will be interesting to see my new look, as I've had my hair ridiculously long for a very long time.  I'll be growing it back, but I have to say I'm not looking forward to the litany of smug "I told you so's" that will inevitably come my way when people see my short 'do.  I've been told since M was born to cut my hair because "that's what you do when you become a mom".  Seriously?  I guess when you become a mom you don't drink Patron either.

3.  Wardrobe:  Fix this.  I've looked like shit for a long time.  I culled my closet so that all the clothes that don't fit/are torn/ripped/look bad/make me feel bad are gone; but what's left are a pair of jeans, a couple of shorts and 3 Target tank tops.  Not a great wardrobe, really.

4.  Self:  I could go on and on about how much I've changed since moving away from Seattle and back to my homeland.  I miss my old self.  I remember when we first moved back, I told my husband that I was surprised because I was now surrounded by people with sour looks on their faces, who never smiled and always looked glum.  I remember looking in the mirror and telling myself I won't become them.  I am now them.  I don't want to be them.  I have a beautiful boy and a child on the way.  I have a wonderful husband who adores me.  I have a great cat who hates everyone.  I don't want to be an asshole anymore.

Other stuff:
5.  Spend more time on this blog.
6.  Spend more time on my dream book.
7.  Clean my house.
8.  Create a beautiful nursery and toddler room for M and baby #2.
9.  Spend more time cultivating friendships.
10.  Try not to let M watch too much TV.
11.  Support husband in his quest for MS.
12.  Be a better mother.
13.  Don't be an asshole.

Will I accomplish my resolutionszxsxwxwzcxecd.  That last part was written by M, which I guess means get off that computer and play with me!  So in an effort to accomplish #12 and #10 done.

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